Walnut vs. Pecan vs. Almond: Diet and Well being Comparability

Almonds supply extra minerals and fiber, while walnuts have extra nutrients and decrease carb content material. Against this, pecans have fewer internet carbs and decrease saturated fat.

The glycemic index of almonds and walnuts is less than that of pecan.

Analysis displays that nuts are excellent to your middle, mind, and general well being. Pecan, walnut, and almond are widely recognized for his or her fantastic well being advantages. We’ll talk about the primary variations in those nuts’ diet and well being have an effect on.

Almonds are stone end result that belong to the Prunus genus, whilst pecans are safe to eat seeds of bushes that belong to the genus Carya. Against this, walnuts are the safe to eat seeds of a drupe within the genus Juglans.

At the outdoor, pecans and walnuts are simple to confuse. Pecans have oval or elongated shells in a darkish brown colour, and walnuts are round-shaped and gentle brown coloured. Almonds are wrapped in a reddish-brown duvet with shiny white fruit inside of. You’ll seek advice from the “pecan vs. walnut” web page to peer the primary variations.

Pecans are drier and sweeter, while walnuts could also be somewhat sour because of their excessive oil content material. Almonds have a delicate earthy taste, however the pores and skin will also be sour. All 3 nuts are broadly ate up international; on the other hand, pecans are basically utilized in North The usa.

Pecan’s diet is rather very similar to a walnut, whilst almonds have a somewhat other dietary content material.

Nutrients and Minerals

Compared, almond has upper mineral profiles, whilst pecan is richer in minerals. Almond has extra calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium than pecan and walnut. However, pecan comprises extra zinc and no more sodium.

In accordance with walnut diet information, it has extra Nutrition C, Nutrition B2, Nutrition B6, and folate than pecan and almond. Then again, pecans are richer in Nutrition A, Nutrition B1, and Nutrition Okay.


Almond has the very best fiber content material, containing 12.5g consistent with 100g. Additionally it is richer in protein and has decrease saturated fats than walnut and pecan.

Pecans and walnuts have a equivalent quantity of carbs, while the carb content material of almonds is upper.

The choice of energy of those nuts doesn’t range a lot: on the other hand, pecans have the upper quantity, containing 691 energy consistent with 100g. All 3 are thought to be high-calorie meals.

Glycemic Index

The GI of pecan is the same as 10, whilst the estimated glycemic index of walnuts and almonds is 0. Regardless of excessive carb content material, those nuts are excessive in nutritional fiber and fat, and eating them does no longer considerably adjust blood glucose ranges.

Walnuts and pecans include chlorogenic, vanillic, caffeic, and ellagic acids, which would possibly lend a hand save you or scale back breast, prostate, colon, and renal most cancers [1].

In step with the American Diabetes Affiliation, nuts, in particular the ones with excessive fiber content material and alow glycemic index, are diabetes superfoods [2]. Almonds have a better fiber content material in comparison to walnut and pecan. As well as, the GI of almonds is 0. One learn about displays that almond intake can scale back the danger of heart problems in folks with sort 2 diabetes [3].

Analysis displays that nut intake has a vital certain impact on cardiovascular well being and will decrease incidences of coronary middle illness and unexpected cardiac demise [4].

Weight Loss Diets

All 3 nuts can be utilized in weight reduction diets and wholesome dining plans.

Despite the fact that those nuts are excessive in energy, research have concluded that together with them in low-calorie diets leads to extra fascinating and fitter weight reduction than the equivalent hypocaloric diets with out those nuts [5, 6].

Pecans are the simpler selection in terms of the Keto nutrition. They have got a tiny quantity of internet carbs(just one gram consistent with saving) and a excessive quantity of fat, which is highest for a Keto Nutrition [7].

Pecans and walnuts will also be ate up in DASH and Atkins diets. All 3 nuts are allowed in Mediterranean, Paleo, Vegan, and Glutenloose diets.

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Updated: July 17, 2022 — 1:00 pm