Turkey vs. Hen vs. Rabbit: Vitamin and Well being Comparability

Rabbit meat supplies extra minerals and much less sodium, while turkey meat accommodates extra nutrients. Against this, hen meat is decrease in ldl cholesterol.

All 3 sorts of meat have equivalent glycemic indexes: 0.

In spite of similarities, hen, rabbit, and turkey meat have a number of key components that differentiate them. We’ll speak about the primary variations of their vitamin and well being affect.

Hen, turkey, and rabbit meat are chicken; alternatively, hen and turkey meat are thought to be poultry, the beef of domesticated birds. Poultry meat is chicken because of its low myoglobin content material; alternatively, the beef of mammals is assessed as crimson meat. Rabbit meat is assessed as sport meat, got via looking for game or meals.

Hen meat is lighter in colour than rabbit and turkey meat. Rabbit and turkey meat have a extra tough, denser taste, nearer to crimson meat than hen. Then again, hen and turkey meat are generally stated to have equivalent tastes. You’ll consult with the “turkey vs. hen” web page for more info.

They have got equivalent dietary profiles as a result of hen, rabbit, and turkey meat are chicken.

Nutrients and Minerals

In response to rabbit meat vitamin details, it has upper mineral profiles, while turkey meat has extra nutrients.

Rabbit meat accommodates extra calcium, iron, zinc, and copper and much less sodium than turkey and hen meat. As well as, rabbit meat falls within the vary of the highest 11% of meals as a supply of iron.

Then again, turkey meat has extra Nutrition D, Nutrition B2, Nutrition B3, folate, and Nutrition B6 than hen and rabbit meat.

Hen meat has upper quantities of Nutrition A, B1, and Nutrition Okay amongst those 3 sorts of meat.


Rabbit meat accommodates a better protein content material than hen and turkey meat. It has 33g of protein according to 100g, while each hen and turkey meat have 28g of protein.

The collection of energy in hen meat is upper than that of rabbit and turkey: Hen meat has 239 energy,turkey meat has 189 energy, and rabbit meat has 173 energy according to 100g.

Rabbit meat has low-fat content material. It has just about 4 occasions the fats content material of hen and turkey meat. It’s also essential to notice that hen meat accommodates low saturated fat and that the majority of its fats content material is made up of unsaturated fat.

Rabbit and hen meat have no web carbs, while turkey meat has a tiny quantity of web carbs: 0.06g. You’ll learn extra about turkey meat vitamin in our “Turkey Vitamin Info” article.

Glycemic Index

As all 3 sorts of meats don’t include a vital quantity of carbohydrates, they have got a glycemic index calculated as 0.


Analysis on poultry intake has showed the absence of a statistically important courting between expanding weekly hen, rabbit, and turkey intake and the building of diabetes [1].

Referring to meat intake and the chance of growing kind 2 diabetes, it’s no longer simply the product that issues but in addition the way it’s ready. Despite the fact that hen meat accommodates extra saturated fats than turkey meat, it additionally accommodates more fit polyunsaturated fats. Cooking meat at top temperatures, equivalent to grilling and barbecuing, raises the chance of kind 2 diabetes in comparison to cooking at low temperatures, equivalent to boiling, steaming, and stir-frying [2].

Conjugated linoleic fatty acid, a molecule present in rabbit meat, could have anti-obesity, anti-carcinogenic, and diabetes-relieving homes [3].

Then again, processed meat is definitely related to larger dangers of kind 2 diabetes, so it’s higher to eat it sparsely.

Most cancers

Intake of chicken is assumed to have a protecting or impartial impact at the menace of quite a lot of cancers [4].

Intake of unprocessed white could cut back the chance of colorectal, esophageal, and lung most cancers. The decrease heme-iron content material of poultry could provide an explanation for this really useful impact [5]. Moreover, there are decrease most cancers prevalence charges in comparison to the certain affiliation between crimson meat and most cancers building. However, processed meat is definitely related to larger most cancers dangers, so keep in mind of its intake.

Cardiovascular Well being

One find out about [6] related white and crimson meat intake to a slight building up within the menace of heart problems. Then again, whilst crimson meat quite will increase the chance of all-cause mortality, poultry does no longer.

The Nationwide Center Basis of Australia [7] concluded that, whilst poultry is probably not really useful to cardiovascular well being, there’s inadequate proof to suggest restricting its intake.

Although poultry is more healthy than crimson meat with regards to cardiovascular well being, fish and greens could also be higher choices.

Weight Loss Diets

Rabbit, turkey, and hen meat can also be ate up within the Keto nutrition as they have got no web carbs. Additionally, they include a just right quantity of protein. Then again, as a result of rabbit meat is top in protein and occasional in fats, it is very important to affiliate it with just right fat all the way through the keto nutrition.

All 3 will also be ate up in different low-carb diets, equivalent to Atkins and Dukan (Assault section) [8].


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