This Man Overdosed On Edibles And Shared His Horrifying Revel in On TikTok

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Benjamin Jenner shared a TikTok of his paralyzing hashish revel in with edibles. The video temporarily went viral.

An Australian guy was once left paralyzed after consuming an fit to be eaten in Amsterdam, and now, thousands and thousands of folks know the tale. Benjamin Jenner uploaded a TikTok video that includes a photograph of him handed out in mattress, having a look petrified.

Consistent with Jenner, he couldn’t really feel any a part of his frame after eating an fit to be eaten, as though he had been “sinking right into a mattress.” He mentioned his revel in from 2018 when he was once backpacking via Europe and made a forestall in Amsterdam. It was once there the place he purchased a pot brownie.

“I had by no means attempted marijuana as a joint or a brownie earlier than because it’s unlawful right here in Australia so I surely sought after to take advantage of out of my vacations through making an attempt one,” he mentioned. “I used to be best informed to check out a small phase nevertheless it wasn’t kicking in, and since I don’t perceive limits I naturally simply ate the entire thing as it was once so dense and great, which was once a large mistake.”

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Eventualities like this are the commonest among fit to be eaten novices, who suppose the preliminary portion they took isn’t sufficient to supply any results. Edibles are absorbed in the course of the abdomen lining, a procedure that may take a couple of hours to revel in.

“I felt like I used to be sinking into the mattress and the bed was once swallowing me entire. It was once so dangerous. I had my eyes closed and I essentially may now not transfer any a part of my frame even supposing I used to be mindful. I knew in my thoughts that I used to be obviously prime, however my mind may now not sign in to transport any a part of my frame,” he persisted.

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Consistent with Jenner, his TikTok brought about a surge of responses from folks, who laughed and mentioned they’d skilled equivalent issues.

Edibles are finicky, taking their candy time to kick in. As soon as fed on, the fit to be eaten should cross in the course of the digestive tract after which be damaged down, with some portions absorbed within the liver. It may well take an hour or two to your digestive device to wreck down the fit to be eaten, making it quite common for folks to overdose on them.

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Updated: March 7, 2022 — 1:13 pm