The TL;DR on Terpenes

Terpenes: You’ve most likely heard the title, however are you aware what they’re, and why they’re so essential to hashish? With such a lot of other terpenes, every of which give their very own taste profiles and advantages, it might be onerous to have all of it memorized! 

To unravel your burning questions, we grew to become to Dr. Nick Jikomes, Leafly’s Director of Science and Innovation. Leafly is all the time our go-to supply for all issues hashish, from hundreds of articles and person evaluations, to an improbable seek engine that is helping you to find merchandise in line with pressure choice, advantages, and intake approach. You’ll be able to even order well-liked native selections without delay for your door via Leafly

Terpenes: The Nostril Is aware of

So, what are terpenes? “Terpenes are a various elegance of natural compounds utilized by crops as a type of chemical conversation–crops use them to keep up a correspondence with the outdoor international,” explains Dr. Jikomes. “They’re risky, small molecules that waft during the air. Most often, they’re going to both keep up a correspondence “come nearer” or “keep away.” 

On the most elementary degree, terpenes are recognized for his or her taste profile. Extra ceaselessly than no longer, they style how they odor. This is the reason you will have to observe your nostril when settling on the most efficient terpene for you. 

In a succinct article, Leafly stocks why following your nostril is likely one of the perfect tactics to discover terpenes in hashish for your self: Terpenes are the fragrant compounds that give hashish traces their distinctive odor. In different phrases, terpenes are the rationale Tangie smells like candy oranges, Permafrost like a pine wooded area, and Bitter Diesel like a bucket of funky gasoline.

Analysis has but to exhibit precisely how those fragrant compounds give a contribution to the consequences of hashish, however theoretically, other terpenes would possibly lend a hand form the sensations imparted via other kinds of hashish. Simply as other very important oils have other makes use of, so may hashish terpenes.

“[Terpenes] will have other physiological results relying on their chemical construction,” explains Dr. Jikomes. “They have got a big number of smells and will have physiological results starting from antimicrobial to anti inflammatory. A few of them can impact receptors within the mind, some may also be irritants, and so forth.”

What are the most typical terpenes? “Probably the most ample terpenes present in Hashish are myrcene, β-caryophyllene, limonene, pinene, and terpinolene,” explains Dr. Jikomes. “There are dozens of alternative terpenes present in Hashish. Each and every distinct form of Hashish cultivar produces a definite mixture of terpenes.”

Hashish traces quilt an unlimited number of other terpenes. Listed below are probably the most maximum not unusual terpenes you’ll come across, at the side of their odor and impact profiles: 


Smells like: Earthy, fruity, clove-like

Advantages: Might supply enjoyable results

Present in those traces: OG Kush, Blue Dream, Treatment, 9 Pound Hammer, Grape Ape, FPOG, Granddaddy Pink, Tangie, Harlequin

Myrcene is regularly present in all traces, whether or not indica, sativa, or hybrid, together with well-liked sativa-dominant hybrids like Tangie and Blue Dream. You’ll additionally realize myrcene is not unusual in each THC and CBD traces alike.


Smells like: Robust woodsy smell

Advantages: Identified to alleviate irritation

Present in those traces: GSC, Bubba Kush, Bitter Diesel, Chemdog, Candyland, Dying Celebrity, Authentic Glue, Cookies and Cream, Gelato, The White, Grasp Kush

This stress-relieving terpene could also be provide in lots of hybrids recognized for his or her rest and nervousness lowering results. Given this terpene’s distinctive fragrant notes, it’s relatively simple to hit upon in a pressure.

Many hashish topicals and salves make the most of traces with top ranges of caryophyllene, showcasing its herbal fragrant profile whilst additionally offering healing advantages.


Smells like: Citrus

Advantages: Might alleviate strain and nervousness

Present in those traces: Banana OG, Berry White, Black Cherry Soda, Cinex, Do-Si-Dos, MAC, Pink Hindu Kush, Quantum Kush, Strawberry Banana, Tahoe OG, Wedding ceremony Cake, White Hearth OG

Some traces show off greater ranges of limonene than others, however those ranges can range extensively throughout harvests relying on genetics, rising tactics, and curing processes. The one solution to know in case your pressure is top in limonene is thru lab-tested batches.


Smells like: Pine timber

Advantages: Might lend a hand with ache, nervousness, and irritation

Present in those traces: Large Easy, Blue Dream, Cannatonic, Cotton Sweet Kush, God’s Present, Grape Ape, Harlequin, Kosher Tangie, Treatment

Needless to say pinene-dominant traces are unusual (that means it’s hardly ever probably the most ample terpene in a pressure), however it’s regularly observed as the second one maximum ample terpene in a pressure’s terpene composition.

A laugh truth: pinene may also be present in conifer timber, orange peels, turpentine, pine needles, rosemary, dill, basil, and parsley.


Smells like: Plants, herbs, pine, citrus

Advantages: Believed to have uplifting results

Present in those traces: Dutch Deal with, Jack Herer, Ghost Educate Haze, Golden Goat, Golden Pineapple, J1, XJ-13, Orange Cookies

Terpinolene performs a key position in defining the style and odor of many hashish traces, together with the immensely well-liked, terpinolene-dominant traces Dutch Deal with, XJ-13, and Golden Pineapple. It’s additionally more likely to impact a pressure’s healing and experiential qualities.


Smells like: Candy, plants, citric

Advantages: Antimicrobial, sedative, nervousness lowering

Present in those traces: Mazar I Sharif, Do-Si-Dos, Wedding ceremony Mints #13, Scooby Snacks, Zkittlez

Maximum traces wealthy in linalool can impart results related to indica-dominant genetics, which come with each psychological and bodily rest, sleepiness, and a powerful case of the munchies.     


Smells like: Earthy, woody, highly spiced

Advantages: Might supply anti inflammatory advantages

Present in those traces: Dying Celebrity, Scarf, Skinny Mint GSC, Authentic Glue, Candyland

Humulene most often seems in somewhat smaller amounts than its terpene opposite numbers, ceaselessly taking a again seat in a cultivar’s taste profile with its refined notes of earth and florals.


Smells like: Fragrance, candy, earthy, citrusy

Advantages: Uplifting results

Present in those traces: Clementine, Dream Queen, Dutch Deal with, Golden Pineapple, Inexperienced Crack, J1

Even if concentrations of ocimene range very much between cultivars, some traces generally tend to supply higher-than-average quantities. Needless to say ocimene hardly ever performs a lead position in a pressure’s terpene profile, however it’s once in a while the second one or 3rd maximum ample terpene.

How do you to find the most efficient terpene for you? By way of the use of Leafly’s pressure explorer to look the terpene profiles of well-liked traces to be had at a store within sight. Now that you simply’ve were given the TL;DR on terpenes it’s time to place your wisdom to the take a look at. Get began right here

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Updated: August 14, 2022 — 1:13 pm