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Talks About It: Arts Calendar: December 1-7

Per week heavy on space museum artist talks and grown-up storytime and track hours, starting with Global AIDS Day arts techniques of video and function, various visible artists making acclaimed works of cinema, theatrical seasonal pageantry within the cathedral, art work of cats you’ll be able to by no means unsee, dance on a rooftop, […]

Snatch & Cross: Arts Calendar November 17-23

A clutch and move inexpensive artwork display, an homage to skate tradition in pictures, world literary functionality artwork, gallery-sponsored ASMR, a pageant of regional poetry, artwork in an deserted Vegas Greyhound station, dance-based advocacy for foster youngsters, the season’s easiest ballroom struts, strolling digital camera meditations on who owns the land, Romeo & Juliet Pat […]

Get On Up: Arts Calendar November 10-16

The remaining large gallery weekend of the 12 months activates virtually everybody to stand up on some intriguing and impactful new presentations; motion and function artwork permeates empty theaters or even the worlds of smell, wellness, and the cryptoverse; books spill the tea on operating in Hollywood and being Black within the theater global; architectural […]

Cartographic: Arts Calendar November 3-9

Artists the use of pictures to map the unknown, and different cartographic impulses from portray oceans to poetic efficiency honoring Tongva land heritage, volcanoes as each website and metaphor, sculpture evoking the hidden fractal geometry of the sector, interrogating tropes of eco-tourism, and science and artwork in conversation as to artifical local weather crisis. Plus […]