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Meet Mild and Subject Artist Matthew Brandt

Pictures is greater than gentle, greater than pixels, and for sure greater than knowledge, it’s made from subject, subject material, position and time. Artist Matthew Brandt is all the time devising new techniques to make all of this transparent and inherent in his pictures — large-scale, continuously superbly coloured and evocatively textured landscapes and portraits […]

Meet Expressionist Embroidery Artist Carmen Mardónez

Freeing the artwork of embroidery from its slim picturesque purposes within the home craft sphere, Carmen Mardónez as a substitute approaches its mediums and fabrics with the expressionist pictorial gusto of summary portray and sculpture. Her paintings references the frame’s demanding situations and freedoms in emotional, summary freestyle and quasi-anatomical gadgets and compositions that each […]

Meet Metagraphic Artist Sol Hill

Sol Hill is in large part recognized for his leading edge, curious methodology of image-making he calls Metagraphs — a variation on virtual pictures that makes use of its tech to report now not merely pictures, however graphic representations of different forces like sound waves, electrical vibrations, and different power patterns the sensor may sign […]

Meet Sculptural Assemblage Artist Monica Wyatt

Monica Wyatt is enamored of the textures, surfaces, eerie materiality and comely splendor of lost sight of, deserted, utilitarian items and their elements. She’s particularly intrigued when the tactile, reflective, abnormal fine details are got rid of from their practical contexts, and amassed in combination en masse to generate one thing completely new. In each […]

Need To Make It In Hollywood? Grammy Award-Profitable Artist Damon Sharpe Has Some Recommendation

To take a seat down with Grammy and ASCAP award-winning manufacturer, songwriter, DJ and recording artist Damon Sharpe is to take a seat down with Hollywood Royalty.  The artist has contributed many chart-topping hits and has helped produce a few of fashionable track’s hottest albums, which cumulatively have offered over 40 million copies. In this […]