Scenesters Communicate Telephone Intercourse

With Telephone Intercourse the movie, director Steve Balderson requested an excellent mixture of topics “What’s attractive?” after which merely informed them to depart their solutions on his telephone message gadget. Sure, telephone gadget– this was once earlier than voicemail was once the norm and method earlier than texting children. The responses, from the likes of comedian genius Margaret Cho, punk legend Jayne County and the Princess of Hollywood herself, Delightful Gehman, have been numerous, vampy and regularly hilarious. Everyone knows “attractive” is subjective, and that one guy/girl/non-binary particular person’s trash is any other’s absolute turn-on treasure, however this undertaking printed it in a brand new and extremely entertaining method. Balderson illustrated everybody’s phrases with inventory photos and visuals within the document, which we referred to as “a excursion de drive of the movie freakiness” on this newsletter again when it got here out.

Now, the responses are documented in a brand new hardcover e-book (which seems to have an edit of our personal quote for the LA Weekly on its duvet… cool!)  Wild, wondrous and sudden ideas on what will get us scorching are contributed through an array of personalities within the tome, together with the above and extra: Penn Jillette, Tura Satana, Edie McClurg, Jane Wiedlin, Iris Berry, Josie Cotton, Jackie Beat, Lloyd Kaufman, Shawna Kenney, Kristian Hoffman, Abby Travis, Ginger Coyote, Allee Willis (RIP) and plenty of, many extra.

Updated: January 6, 2022 — 3:54 pm