Harlis Sweetwater is Feeling Chic

Harlis Sweetwater is Feeling Chic: SoCal blues-rocker Harlis Sweetwater advised us about his Chic revel in.

Harlis Sweetwater: Over the years of have the great fortune of seeing some superb bands, some in small venues with simplest 20 other people or so there to peer them simply prior to they hit it large, I recall one drunken evening in San Diego at a small venue. We were given there early to snatch some beverages prior to the band went on. As we drank our cocktails, the band used to be transferring tables out of the best way to be able to arrange their tools and PA. 

 A couple of other people staggered within the eating place bar and began ordering their beverages. I have been consuming all day so I used to be already deep into it however I take note the vibe of the room beginning to develop into extra electrical and other people began humming with pleasure. Two of my buddies and I had pushed all of the strategy to San Diego from Orange County simply to catch up with a lady that I met a couple of weeks prior to at considered one of MY presentations. 

Quickly the band began tuning up their tools checking the microphone and so forth. The singer/guitar participant walked as much as the bar subsequent to me and gave me a what’s up nod and I gave him a nod again. I requested him, “What’s the identify of your band, guy?” He mentioned, “Chic.” I answered, “You cats from right here in San Diego?” and he mentioned, “No, Lengthy Seashore.” Suprised, I mentioned, “Oh, proper on! I’m from Huntington.”

He were given his beers and went over to the staging house. If truth be told, there used to be no degree — they performed proper at the carpet. However quickly about 20 other people accrued proper in entrance of them as they introduced into their set. I take note other people have been in reality enthusiastic. They danced, yelled and sang alongside as I watched from my barstool. They have been having a such nice time. I take note pondering, “Those dudes fuckin’ rock!”

 After some time, my buddies and I stumbled out into the evening leaving the woman in the back of. 

Live shows are concert events. But if you’ll be able to catch a band like Chic prior to they hit, and watch them play in a bit nook of a cafe bar and completely rock a small handful of other people… smartly that’s simply simple cool. It’s a wholly other vibe and person who I favor a lot more to important stadium presentations.

Harlis Sweetwater is Feeling Chic: Harlis Sweetwater’s “Mexican Rose” unmarried is out now, as is the Diesel Grime & Spit: Vol. 1 EP.

Updated: March 7, 2022 — 8:21 am