From Queen to L7 — the New LA Weekly Playlist is Are living

From Queen to L7: The eighty-seventh LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is are living now. There’s digital track from Ookay and Dada Existence, commercial from Entrance Line Meeting, hip-hop from Bia, soul from Kyle, rock from Nirvana and Bowie, and so a lot more.

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The Brutally Natural Rhys Fulber

Rhys Fulber (Wade Comer)

From Queen to L7

Additionally this week:

Quilt megastar Kyle advised us that, “I’m like a child the place my pursuits will exchange from one style to the following, from one tone of voice to the following. On See You After I’m Well-known I used to be talking on Ventura, my place of birth, and it was once very surf rock influenced. However on It’s Now not So Unhealthy, I kinda were given actually into R&B and space track, and UK storage began influencing me. So the sound has actually simply gotten extra mature. It feels extra horny and relationship-focussed. I noticed I wish to talk on issues that I’m trained on, and I occur to were in love for a actually very long time so I find out about the ones subjects, fairly than attaining until I rap about stuff that I haven’t any clue on.”

In “Now not Some other DJ,” Entrance Line Meeting guy Rhys Fulber advised us that, “For some time I believed commercial track had re-found itself in darkish Berlin techno. A identical spirit and sound palette however within the context of membership tradition injected with a brand new more youthful subculture crowd and effort. I believe the actual spirit of business track is one this is evolving into other kinds, just like the aforementioned, fairly than being a recipe from the previous, so I might say the time period is at its highest when morphing thru other kinds.”

Updated: January 7, 2022 — 5:14 pm